Residential Pest Control Plano TX

The problem with pests is that they are not just a mild irritation. They are very destructive and are often the cause of thousands of dollars in property damage as they can cause severe structural damage to any type of building.

To make matters worse, many pests can be responsible for significant health hazard, leading to health issues, allergic reactions, respiratory problems, skin infections, and so on.

Mie’s Residential¬†Pest Control Plano TX¬†understands these consequences and, therefore, the importance of eliminating pests and keeping them away permanently!

Health Hazards Related to Pests

Pests carry diseases that are contagious and cause illnesses to humans and animals. Rats, mice, bats, and other larger pests carry rabies that can be fatal if not treated immediately.

Even the smaller critters like mosquitoes can infect humans with a serious disease such as Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, and Chikungunya.

The dirt and microorganisms that are brought into the home by roaches pose a whole variety of health risks.

Feces and urine from wildlife also present a health hazard to humans. Bat and bird guano are specifically prone to be a breeding ground for fungus that cause serious respiratory illnesses such as histoplasmosis, which can cause death in humans if treatment is not sought as soon as possible.

In addition, there are the parasites that live on pests.

These parasites, like ticks and fleas, also carry diseases that are transmittable to humans, including Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and many more.

This is a weighty list of diseases, all of which can be fatal. If the irritation of putting up with pests is not enough to be convincing, then the risk of contracting one of these diseases should persuade you to call Mie’s Residential Pest Control Plano TX 469-573-1645 today!

Structural Damage Associated with Pests

Structural Damage Associated With Pests

Those gnawing little rodent teeth are ideal for causing all sorts of damage to a home or business premises. The critters use these teeth to gain access to a structure and to eat away at wood and any other material that may or may not provide sustenance.

Mice and rats are specifically problematic when it comes to causing structural damage. They will chew through any material, including electrical wiring and other components.

This can cause mild brownouts, temporary blackouts, and produces a serious fire and shock hazard. It can also be an extremely expensive exercise to have the wiring replaced in your home or business after rodents have had a go at them.

Termites are notorious for causing extreme structural damage and need to be dealt with expertly by the professional pest control specialists at Mie’s Residential Pest Control Plano TX. From the foundation of a building right up to the roof, these tiny critters can spell disaster for any structure.

To prevent structural damage caused by pests, give Mie’s Residential Pest Control Plano TX a call as soon as possible to prevent costly repairs and remediation at a later date.

Performing outdoor pest control in Plano Texas

The Pest Control Process

Mie’s Residential Pest Control Plano TX offers a wide range of pest control and management solutions to meet the needs of residences and businesses alike. We apply a process that is designed to provide the most effective solution that provides success far into the future.

Step 1 – Pest Inspection

A pest inspection is critical for many reasons. It allows us to detect the pests that are causing problems, the health hazards, and the risk of structural damage that they pose as well as how the pests are gaining access to your home or business premises. These are all important factors in developing a plan to eliminate the specific pests and keep them gone.

Step 2 – Pest Control and Management

Our team of experts will schedule a date and time that is most convenient for you. We offer our services round the clock, seven days a week to accommodate your busy schedule.

The elimination plan and techniques will be explained to you well in advance so that you can prepare for the process. Although elimination may seem to be the best strategy for the removal of pests, some bird, bat and other wildlife species in Plano, TX are protected.

These pests will need to be removed and relocated humanely.

Step 3 – Exclusion and Prevention

The last step in any pest control management solution is to provide long-term success. Exclusion is the process of sealing and closing up all entry points that pests can use to gain access to your home or business in the future.

This is an important preventative measure.

Our pest control experts will also provide you with helpful hints and tips to deter and repel pests to prevent them from taking up residence in the future.

We will even assist you in implementing a prevention strategy, including scheduling regular inspection and pest control visits to ensure ultimate long-term success.

Mie’s Residential Pest Control Plano TX offer a comprehensive solution to manage and control both major and minor pest control problems. No matter the species, we have a solution that will meet your needs.

Simply give us a call at 469-573-1645 today for a free quote for once-off pest elimination solution or to create an ongoing pest control management strategy.

We look forward to working with you to solve your residential issues with our Plano pest control services.