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We are a pest control company dedicated to providing the best pest control services to the great community of Plano, TX. We are proud to serve this great town, and strive to maintain the prestigious reputation and quality of living of the Plano, TX and greater area. We feel it is our duty to do our part in providing our pest control services to help our community.

Performing outdoor pest control in Plano Texas

Pest control is known as the management of species more commonly known as pests. A part of the animal kingdom which have an adverse and inconvenience to human activities. In home and urban environments we typically classify pests to be: the rodents, birds, insects and other biological organisms that share space with people, and that feed on, and spoil material possessions.

There are many different pest control supplies, methods, and chemicals that are used in order to suppress, manage, and eliminate pest and rodent infestations from residential and commercial areas. We understand how uncomfortable it is to find that you are sharing space with pests.

We also know how uncomfortable it can be to ask for help. We have been in your shoes. But, no matter how uncomfortable or embarrassing is may feel dealing with pests and rodents, it will never beat the relief you feel from solving your pest control problems. That is why we are here to be the solution you need to gain the relief you deserve.

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What Pest Control Services Do We Provide To Our Neighbors In Plano, TX?

We provide pest control management for everything from mice/rats, bugs, termites, flies, bed bug, mosquitoes, and ants. We can solve your problems whether they are indoors or outdoors.

Your Plano Pest Control Methods

Here you will learn how to recognize and learn how to get rid of bugs in house, how to get rid of rodents, how to get rid of pests, and how to get rid of flies with different pest control chemicals and products you can use as a DIY pest control management plan you can have to act immediately until you can get our certified Plano pest control professionals to help you solve your pest and rodent control problem.

Plano Pest Control Services.

Residential pest control plano tx

Residential Pest Control

We will perform a comprehensive walk-through inspection inside and outside of your home making sure we understand the problems you are aware of, and maybe issues you haven't noticed. We will talk you through our treatment plan making sure all of your questions are answered and you fully understand how we will solve your pest and/or rodent problem. Next we begin treatment insuring to get maximum effectiveness without using to many pest control chemicals and supplies according to the treatment plan we discussed. Last, but not least you will enjoy your pest free life!

commercial pest control plano tx

Commercial Pest Control

We provide a comprehensive and custom commercial pest control service to the Plano, TX business community. We will do an in-depth walk-through of your commercial space to really narrow down the issues you face to better understand the problem, and better tailor your pest control solution. Our treatment can handle bug, rodent, flies, pest, and termite issues you may face in your commercial space.

rodent control in plano tx

Rodent Pest Control

We will walk you through our very minimal invasive process of removing rodents of all sorts from within, and without your establishment. We will also show you different measures you can take to prevent rodents from settling again. Our team of certified experts will definitely make sure that you get your peace of mind to enjoy your space.

What People Are Saying About Us!

Mie's Pest Control Plano TX Customer Eric P Smith

“I was in my kitchen and noticed that I had a bunch of ants crawling around in my kitchen! I called to scheduled someone to come out to deal with them NOW! They were very nice and very fast helping me. I can’t thank you enough!” – Eric P. Smith

Stephen S Renolds Customer of Mie's Pest Control Plano, Texas

“Very Professional. Really explained their understanding of the problem I had, and definitely helped me sleep better at night knowing that I don’t have to deal with these pests irritating me in my home ever again.” – Stephen S. Renolds

Our happy Pest Control Plano, TX customer Shelly L. Howard

“I cannot tell you how horrified I was to hear scratching coming from inside my bedroom walls. I couldn’t Google fast enough for help. I got a free quote and instantly booked and appointment to have them come out. They were thorough in checking out inside and outside my place while explaining to me how this problem happened. They really took the time to make me understand the process and they really got those things out of my house! It has been 3 months since then and I haven’t heard a peep since.” – Shelly L. Howard

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