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Just because your office is neat doesn’t mean its cockroach free. Even if you cut off sources of food and water, close off cracks and crevices, you still might have pests coming out at night scuttling all over your office and breakroom and kitchen sinks before you walk into your office in the morning.

For some creepy crawlies, DIY pest control will suffice. Fruit flies, hornets, house goblins, and others can all be beaten back with the right can of spray or basic traps.

But other nasties require professional hands like cockroaches, termites, rodents, and ants.

A professional Commercial Pest Control Plano TX will do all the pests exterminating for you.

But a little preparation on your part, such as ensuring proper waste disposal, positive airflow, etc., will make it, so they and their many-legged enemies are less likely to return anytime soon.

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Who Are We?

Mie’s Commercial Pest Control Plano TX is an accredited pest management company that has been providing quality pest control services to the residents and businesses operating in Plano, TX, for over half a decade.

Our pest management services provide the best possible management of various pest infestation problems, as well as preventive action that can prevent the spread of undesirable conditions in your office.

Our pest control plans are designed to meet all of your needs to control your pests effectively, and through our continued commitment to excellence and customer service, we have earned praise from many of our customers.

As a local, customer-driven company, we understand the importance of maintaining hygienic working conditions within your premises and, therefore, always strive to provide a service of unparalleled value through our commitment to quality management and superior customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

At Mie’s Pest Control Plano, our approach to pest management is a proactive one. We utilize best practices in order to minimize the need for chemical treatment.

Integrated Pest Management, or IPN, is a preventive approach that identifies and removes pest attractants versus waiting to treat for pests once they’re established inside the building. Mie’s Commercial Pest Control Plano TX pest specialist practice IPM through ongoing inspections, which help shine a light on any areas that might entice pests.

A comprehensive inspection of the interior and exterior of your building can help uncover any issues.

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Comprehensive Indoor Pest Control

Starting inside, your pest specialists will check for any water leaks. Pests require only a small amount of water to survive in your establishment, so it’s necessary to keep an eye on refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, sinks, etc.

Drains in your premises can serve as a breeding ground for small flies.

Your pest specialist may recommend an organic cleaner to reduce buildup in drains, which flies can also use as a food source. Trash can serve as another food source for pests.

Your pest specialist might recommend that you lie in your trash receptacle and keep a tightly fitting top on all trash cans to help keep pests out.

Storage areas are another pest hot spot. Empty boxes and clutter can serve as pest hiding spots, and cockroaches have even been known to feed on the glue that holds the boxes together.

Effective Outdoor Pest Management

At Mie’s Pest Control Plano TX, we recommend to all our customers that their dumpsters are routinely checked and that all garbage is dumped directly into the dumpster, as leaving garbage outside will invite pests.

We also recommend our customers to ensure their garbage bins are cleaned regularly and that they are rotated to prevent pests from settling in.

Your pest specialists will review the building exterior for any cracks and crevices that might let pests inside. It’s also important to check for any utility penetrations that might provide larger gaps.

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Professionals recommend sealing any unnecessary openings with weather-resistant sealant and keep shrubs cut back from the building and remove ground covering plants within three feet of exterior walls as they may hide pests from your sight.

Airflow is another important factor in pest management. Your Mie’s Pest Control Plano commercial pest specialists will check your building has positive airflow, pushing tests out the door when opened versus sucking them in.

Install door sweeps and regularly check that they are intact. Any worn door sweep could create another entry point for pests.

Once the inspection is complete, there might be a few items that need immediate attention in order to help prevent pests from coming inside.

Review the information with Mie’s Pest Control Plano Texas and determine any next steps.

We Are Locally Established Business

Mie’s Pest Control Plano TX is a locally owned company that has been in operation in Plano, Texas, for over a decade, providing superior pest control services to both residents and businesses.

As a locally established pest control service provider, we have many benefits to offer all our customers

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1. Timely Services

As most of our clients are probably 15 to 20 minutes away from our offices, we can ensure that all of our clients receive professional pest control services on time, every time.

2. Unsurpassed services

Being native, we understand the type of pest infestations that our clients typically encounter in this region. We are also equipped with all the specialized tools and equipment needed to adequately terminate any pest infestation on your property.

3. Only Professionals

We understand that as a concerned business and homeowner, you will only want professionals to operate on your premises. This is why we only employ professionals having a minimum of five- or six years’ experience in this field and who comprehend all the intricacies involved in providing client-focused services. All our professionals have access to every tool, equipment, and chemical necessary to help you get rid of any pest infestation quickly and efficiently.

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We Are Licensed and Bonded

Pest control service providers are many in Texas, all claiming to be the best, cheapest and professional, but unfortunately, only a handful of them are licensed.

As a responsible business owner, you must understand that pest management is a specialized service and that any service provider you plan on hiring must be licensed by the local government body.

Mie’s Commercial Pest Control Plano TX is a fully licensed and bonded pest control service provider, and all our employees are also insured to protect our customers from any financial distress due to an unfortunate incident on their premises.

So, if you are looking for Commercial Pest Control services in Plano TX, contact our customer representative at 469-573-1645, and we will work with you to develop a detailed plan that ensures that any pest control issues are addressed through the most effective and proper steps.